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Annie Lapin

January 11, 2013 by 5790projects in Art, Emergent with 0 Comments

Like a study in phenomenology, Annie Lapin’s work details the impressionistic nature of recollection. Ghostly figuration, illusory composition, and the gentle destruction of an ordinary landscape tell a tale colored by emotional muscle memory, and evoke the enrapturing tenor of a spiritual episode. Through her feathery abstraction, she portrays the unencumbered cognitive process of summoning a bygone moment. At times, her paintings and sculpture kindle warm romanticism, while others elicit tense hostility – a dexterity that illustrates Lapin’s concern with the trustworthiness of human perception. Her compositions echo the posturing of familial, amorous, religious, and historical constitutions – relying on the viewer’s subjective intuition to activate their visceral prowess. Sublime to some and eerie to others, her distorted mise en scenes characterize the dramatic struggle between logic and emotion, and unravel the influence of latent association on individual psychology. www.honorfraser.com


About 5790projects

5790projects is a curatorial entity that produces quarterly pop-up exhibitions in Los Angeles, and was founded by Catlin Moore and Matthew Gardocki in 2011. Moore is the Director of Mark Moore Gallery (Culver City, CA), where Gardocki is also Assistant Director. Gardocki studied at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago, and is one of the founding members of Igloo Tornado arts collective. Moore is completing her MA at California State University, Long Beach, and is a contributor to several art publications, including Daily Serving, Beautiful/Decay, and ArtLog.

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