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April Street

January 10, 2013 by 5790projects in Art, Emergent with 0 Comments

The concept of family is inherently contradictory. Though the product of intimacy, it can be estranging. Shaped by attachments as much as broken ties, its subsequent memories can be quixotically embellished as easily as they are doggedly sullied. Through her harlequin stained fabrics, April Street weaves an allegorical ancestry rife with these intricacies – a genealogy tinged with the tousled complexities of love, memory, vexation, and binding innate to inherited relationships. Her canvases are reminiscent of both the draped florals of mother’s dresses, and discarded drop sheets of a theatrical production – a dramatic tension that Street plays out through her own performative process and purposefully imperfect presentation. Sections of dyed hosiery are tautly braided, gathered, or drooped, creating an equilibrium that is both restrained and liberated by its own materiality. An analogy for the behavioral idiosyncrasies encoded within our DNA and education, Street’s work assiduously destroys and rebuilds a composite portrait of kinship. www.carterandcitizen.com


About 5790projects

5790projects is a curatorial entity that produces quarterly pop-up exhibitions in Los Angeles, and was founded by Catlin Moore and Matthew Gardocki in 2011. Moore is the Director of Mark Moore Gallery (Culver City, CA), where Gardocki is also Assistant Director. Gardocki studied at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago, and is one of the founding members of Igloo Tornado arts collective. Moore is completing her MA at California State University, Long Beach, and is a contributor to several art publications, including Daily Serving, Beautiful/Decay, and ArtLog.

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