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Gallery for the People: LA’s Newest Nomadic Art Show

March 24, 2012 by Lanee Lee in Art with 0 Comments

Laundry - Greenland Series. Image Courtesy of Gallery For The People

Gallery for the People, founded by film producer/guerilla gallerist Eva Maria Daniels and Alexandra Canosa, hosted the inaugural pop-up Spring 2012 collection on March 6th at a private venue in West Hollywood.

Daniels spoke of her reasons behind launching a pop-up gallery which compliments the online facet of Gallery for the People, “I have many clients who aren’t based in NY or LA and don’t have the opportunity to attend art exhibitions in person so I felt there was a need for the market to have a good online art gallery. I also recognize the need for many people to see the work in person – and I also want to give anyone the chance to view the art without having to buy – which is why I decided to do these quarterly pop-up openings for each collection.”

"Intersection - Greenland Series". Image Courtesy of Gallery For The People

With Chivas whisky cocktails in hand, art-goers pressed in to view paintings and photographs from a multigenerational spectrum of up-and-coming artists to established artists. The crowd, a mix of filmmakers, celebrities and trendsetters, was a buzz over Gregers Heering’s pictorial tribute to Greenland. A Danish director, screenwriter and fine-art photographer who currently resides lives in L.A., Heering recently traveled to the remote island of Greenland to explore both a distant familial connection and the story of the last remaining female hunter. While there, he was struck by the vibrancy and passion that had sprung up amidst the desolation and need for functionality created by the harsh landscape. The immediate contrast and sheer beauty of bright colors against snow tipped him off to stories, concealed, yet trying to be told. An overwhelming sense that he could liberate these narratives inspired the photographs that form this collection as well as a screenplay, influenced by the houses and boats in this series.

Vanessa Prager’s paintings, sister to photographer Alex Prager, garnered praise as well. One aesthete attending the opening remarked as she was looking at the vivid portraitures, “Vanessa’s paintings capture the twilight between the half-awake, half-dream state.” A self-taught artist, Prager’s inherent talent for portraiture often produces experiments with different mediums. Viewers cannot resist being drawn into the beautifully unsettling world she creates with her Bic ballpoint pen drawings, rendered on vintage music sheets. For this collection, Prager imbued brilliant color palettes with a laid-back sensibility that seems to echo her own preference for existing in a slightly alternative world, perhaps standing only an inch parallel to the one most of us live in.

Vanessa Prager - Supper. Image Courtesy of Gallery For The People

Vanessa Prager - Baby Blue. Image Courtesy of Gallery For The People

In the city of dreams, where anything is possible, it seems perfectly natural to marry both film and art mediums. Expat Daniels explains why Los Angeles is the ideal fit for Gallery for the People, “I’m so impressed and inspired by the LA art scene. I’m from Iceland and I’ve lived in Reykjavik, Copenhagen, London, New York and LA and I have to say that the LA scene might just be my favorite one.”

For the 2012 Spring edition of Gallery for The People’s pop-up, curators Eva Daniels and Alexandra Canosa handpicked more than 40 works from established contemporary artists and in-demand cinematic players. Curtis Kulig, an artist, photographer and illustrator who has also collaborated with Damien Hirst and Shepard Fairy, is notable especially for his work “Love Me,” a mixed-media message found not only on his prints and canvasses but also on street corners and rooftops, personal confrontation made public, in NYC, L.A., Paris and Tokyo. Geoff Ellsworth, whose colorfully fantastic works are in the collections of people like Francis Ford Coppola, created his ‘Winter Palace’ paintings vibrantly imagining a young ballerina returning to St. Petersberg to refresh herself on the fundamentals of ballet, based on a original children’s story Ellsworth wrote. Karl Mullen, an Irish painter now living in Williamstown, MA, superbly revives Primitivism with his distinctly poetic figures that hover on fields of color realized with non-traditional materials such as wine, tea, Indian spices, spit and ash. Patrick Hoelck, a contemporary photographer and director, paid homage on a larger scale to the art of Polaroid photography with images from his book, POLAROID HOTEL and painter/illustrator Sage Vaughn’s eerily evocative works bore his signature imagery of powerfully pigmented owls, butterflies and sparrows in otherwise melancholic urban environments.

"The Man in the Green Hat". Image Courtesy of Gallery For The People


"The Heart of the Rowl". Image Courtesy of Gallery For The People

A portion of the proceeds of the Spring Collection 2012 art sales are being donated to The Art of Elysium’s Fine Arts Program, The Elysium Project.

Stay tuned for the Gallery for the People Summer 2012 exhibit, location TBA.

More information can be found on their website at www.galleryforthepeople.com

Words Lanee Neil and Aparna Bakhle-Ellis


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