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Fabrik’s comprehensive Gallery Guide is an indispensable resource for art galleries, architects, interior designers, fashion designers, and the general public.

Search our up-to-date database through alphabetical listings as well as by neighborhood to locate art galleries, museums and exhibits throughout Los Angeles.

If you have questions or would like to be included in the Fabrik Gallery Guide, please fill out this form, email guide@fabrik.la or click here to contact us.

You can lookup a gallery or museum in the guide as follows:


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+ Emergent Presence
  • haleARTS Presents: Leina’ala Lau and Maryam Naghshineh
  • haleARTS Presents: Erin Jade, Patricia Hardmeier Leeb, Adam Nisenson
  • haleARTS presents Lorien Eck, Deborah Reilly, Richard Bilow, Elizabeth Younger, Pauline Regev, Susan Price
  • haleARTS presents Kit Plumridge and Bruce Taylor
  • The Los Angeles County Store presents “Small Works Group Art Show”
  • haleARTS presents Lucie Hinden, Kayla Silber, Johnie Thornton