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In 2040….. a Group Exhibition at JAUS

February 21, 2014 by Megan Koester in Upcoming Events with 0 Comments

JAUS‎ is pleased to present In 2040….., an exhibition of new works by seven Los Angeles artists who project where art making could, should, would or will not be headed 25 years from now. An opening reception for the exhibition, which runs through March 23rd, will take place from 6:30 to 9:30PM on Friday, February 21st. After the 21st, the gallery will be open by appointment only. (To make an appointment, call (424) 248-0781 or email info@jausart.com.)

Joe Biel, Stack 6 (Dave), 2013

Joe Biel, Stack 6 (Dave), 2013

In 2040….. is curated by Clayton Campbell and includes artists Joe Biel, Clayton Campbell, Miri Chais, Melissa Ann Lambert, Terrence Sanders, Lisa C Soto and Max Presneill + Friends (Daniela Campins, Mark Dutcher, Helen Rebekah Garber, Paul Gillis, Kio Griffith, Elana Melissa Hill, Rachel Stiff, and Chris Trueman).

Clayton Campbell, The Tweet Was Going Around About the Angel, 2014

Clayton Campbell, The Tweet Was Going Around About the Angel, 2014

In 2040….. suggests that the role of the artist in society may be shifting – moving from a focus on personal expression and more toward public, creative actions as a central contributor to the general discourse of the society they live in.  Questions arise- are artists increasingly interested in working in new partnerships apart from conventional outlets; will the notion of community drastically alter; how do artists bring emotions of faith and structures of religion back into the artistic canon; what is the relation of artists to the use and misuse of power; can a critique of the arts hierarchy produce radical change; how do artists project what innovative strategies they can create to develop sustainable platforms for their ideas; what is the underlying physics of human reflection and ideation that brings the spiritual back into focus? The artists working for In 2040….. make art reflecting their response to these questions. They are projecting, in essence, what their work may be like in 25 years at which point they become mentors to an emerging generation of artists not yet born.” – Clayton Campbell

Melissa Ann Lambert, Quark, 2014

Melissa Ann Lambert, Quark, 2014

11851 La Grange Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90025

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