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Julienne Johnson at LA Artcore’s Brewery Annex

March 1, 2013 by Megan Koester in Upcoming Events with 0 Comments

Julienne Johnson’s latest body of work continues her exploration of communication and connectivity through her mixed media paintings on exhibit at LA Artcore’s Brewery Annex. An opening reception and conversation with the artist will take place from 1PM to 4PM on Sunday, March 3rd; the exhibition will be on display until March 30th. Johnson has also coordinated a closing reception and poetry reading, entitled SPOKEn WORD & PAINT, featuring acclaimed writers Peter Frank (international art critic, curator, poet) and Jack Grapes (award winning poet, playwright, actor, teacher). The poetry reading will coincide with the closing of the exhibition at 7:30PM on Friday, March 29th.

Julienne Johnson

Johnson paints deep – through rich fields of color, from the subtle and misty to the intense and turbulent. Her paintings are heavily layered with words and objects, embedding such communications within numerous layers of oil glazes, as she reaches out in a multitude of languages including: English, Korean, Chinese and Arabic.

Sometimes the words speak and connect with us powerfully; other times we feel unable to decipher what is being said. It is exactly this sense of connection or lack thereof, that Johnson seeks to embody in these works – reflecting our world of technological connectivity; a world that brings us instantly closer – yet distances us from those physically and emotionally closest to us.

Julienne Johnson

Johnson’s work is direct yet subtle in its delivery, resonant and beautiful with its rich luminescent colors. Sometimes the colors are bold and powerful; other times hues appear faintly, as rose notes through a creamy mist.

Julienne Johnson

Overall, Johnson’s paintings have the effect of a shimmering, screenshot on canvas: informing our very place, within a wondrous world of technology – without ignoring it’s capability of dissolving context in the aftermath.

LA Artcore Gallery – Brewery Annex
650A S. Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031

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