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Katrina Umber: And at Charlie James Gallery

July 22, 2013 by Megan Koester in Upcoming Events with 0 Comments

And, photographer Katrina Umber’s first solo show at Chinatown’s Charlie James Gallery, brings together two recent, ongoing photographic series; an opening reception for the exhibition, which runs through August 24th, will take place from 7 to 10PM on Saturday, July 27th.

Katrina Umber

“As the title And suggests, the space of the photograph is continually proposed in these series as a means of conjunction, a conjoining or combining of images. Images are paired off or layered on top of one another, two-ness and separation giving way to a questioning of the notion of relationality itself, its logical procedures and ontological implications.

Katrina Umber

Enlarged black-and-white split-frame photographs comprise the Included Middle series, in which the space of one standard negative is divided in half to yield a twofold image. Sequential images are inexorably coupled by the camera, diptychs that loosely evoke the private narratives of everyday life as well as the formal language of art history: the release of white fluid from a sexual organ, then black out; the luminous appearances of a Suprematist-like square and acute triangle on shadowed walls; Vija Celmins–esque images of sunlight falling on agitated waters. Alluding to Aristotle’s Law of the Excluded Middle, which states that every proposition or its negation must be true, this series suspends the structure of logic to shift the inquiry into truth towards the ontological. Each photograph in this series not only presents the capture and juxtaposition of two different moments, but also represents the passage through space and time lived in between. Thus, each photograph appears to affirm the presence of both the paired images as well as what those two images are not—the passage or void created by and in between the two. The principle of the ‘Included Middle,’ then, would simply be the affirming of presence as true in and of itself: presence is truth.” – Kavior Moon

Charlie James Gallery
969 Chung King Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90012

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