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Los Angeles Art Show 2014: What you Missed!

This year’s LA Art Show at the Downtown LA Convention Center was a blur of color, shine, unusual texture, and special effects. The vast sea of works from over 150 exhibitors included historic, modern and contemporary prints, paintings and sculptures from around the corner and around the world. The amalgamation of eye-candy was edgy, inspiring, provocative, and chock-full of cool.

The trend towards “Smart Art,” or work that uses technology, mathematics, or scientific principles in its creation, produced some of the most fascinating work. Artist Gavin Rain from South African blends art and science perfectly, as he creates his large canvases in a style that emulates a digital dot matrix, making his portraits clearly visible only when photographed, or from a far distance, as seen in “Girl with the Pearl Earring.”

The use of highly unusual materials in many of the most compelling mixed-media pieces was another source of interest for art enthusiasts. Works by Renaus Delorme included carpet fragments, squashed tennis balls, scrap metal and textured plastic. Gallery IHN featured several large intriguing lenticular photographs that had observers bobbing back and forth like unsteady passengers on a boat, mesmerized by the captivating changing images.

From amazingly life-like bronzes to gigantic contemporary pieces for public spaces, sculpture made a huge impact at the show. Judging by the crowds surrounding them, favorites included the cast bronze sculptures by David Middlebrook that graced the entrance way, looking like prehistoric fossils of giant birds, and the stretched out or squashed figures by Yi Hwan-Kwon, at Gana Art. The impressive uber-realistic sculptures by Carole Feuerman were constantly surrounded by photographers, collectors and even children, in awe of the highly-detailed work.

The daily crowds were animated and enthusiastic, and the “red dots”  (signifying sales) were plentiful by Sunday morning.  Here’s a recap of some of the witty, wild and wonderful works of art you missed if you were sleeping through this inspiring weekend of art in LA !


1 & 2 . “What Used To Be” (Tryptych) -Mixed Media by Andrew Myers, through Lawrence Cantor Fine Art , Venice Beach, CA .( lcfa) Detail highlights construction of individually painted screws, oil, ink, newsprint collage on wood.

3. “ Book of Zoology” Mixed Media by Kerry Miller, at lcfa

4.& 5. Untitled by Suh Jeongmin at Zoom-Yekang Gallery, Seoul, Korea.  Detail shows construction of rolled Korean Paper

6-7. “ Kim Basinger” Mixed Media by Renaud Delorme, Galerie K & Y, Paris FR. Details show utilization of acrylic paint, wood, plastic, carpet, tennis balls, aluminum.

8. “Oppositions of Imaginations” – mixed media wall sculpture ( w/ eye glass lenses) by David Datuna at Contessa Gallery, Cleveland OH

9 &10 . “ Girl with the Pearl Earring”  Acrylic on Canvas by Gavin Rain, Leslie Smith Gallery, Amsterdam ( detail shows configuration of painted “pixels” )

11 &12. Lenticular photos by by Joonsung Bae at Gallery IHN, Seoul, S. Korea

13 & 14. “The Warrior”- Mixed Media by Mohamed Abou El Naga of Egypt, at ADC & Building Bridges Gallery, Santa Monica

15.&16. Mixed Media by Elisabeth Lecourt, made of folding maps, Galerie K & Y, Paris. Detail shows dress silhouette made from folding London Map.

17. & 18. Butterfly Mandalas  & Cathedral Prints –  Silkscreen prints w/ glazes, pearlised colors and diamond dust, by Damien Hirst at Other Criteria, London

19. & 20. “Fragments”  and “Ripples” – Mixed Media on Wood and Plexi, by Claudia  Meyer, Villa del Arte Galleries, Amsterdam

21. “ Empowerment” & “Merkaba” with artist Kimberly Webber, Earth Pigments and Oil on Canvas, Bruce Lurie Gallery, Los Angeles

22.”Streetwise”, Oil on Canvas by Malcome T.Liepke, at Arcadia Contemporary, New York City

23. & 24.  Oil on Canvas works by Rimi Yang of Korea, at Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe NM

25. “ White Goose” Oil on Canvas by Lee So Yuen, Da Xiang Art Space, Taiwan

26. Oil on Board Landscapes by Todd Carpenter, with Executive Director of Launch LA, James Panozzo, Los Angeles

27. & 28. Untitled, & “Dual Bursts of Perspective Importance, The Torrents of Riddence” Mixed Media by Phil Frost , Ace Gallery, Los Angeles

29.-30. Outsider, Folk Art and Assemblage, Various Artists  at Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans, LA

31. Various Artists, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles

32. “ Two Babes in the Woods,” Mixed Media Chair by Matjames Metson, Coagula Gallery, Los Angeles

33. “Nature Boy“ Mixed Media Collage by Bruce Helander, Paul Fisher Gallery, West Palm Beach, FLA

34. Composite Photographic C-print by Seoung Won WON, at Cais Gallery, Seoul, S. Korea

35. “NY Public Library” –Composite Photographic C-print on Aluminum by Jean –Francois Rauzier, Waterhouse & Dodd , New York City

36. Artist Tim Youd typing his next work, courtesy of Coagula Gallery, where his works of typed novels on the original works typewriters are featured

37. Tim Youd’s work of Charles Bukowski’s  205 page “Factotum,”  typed on the same model Royal Quite Deluxe Typewriter (on 2 pages )

38. “ Infinity” ( in ring) and “ Miniature Balance”  Oil-painted Resin Sculpture by Carole Feuerman, at Timothy Yarger Fine Art, Beverly Hills

39. “ Blue Dreams”  Wall Sculpture with 24 K Gold Leaf, by Joseph Klibansky and Galerie K & Y, Paris

40. & 41. “The Teacher”  and “Beach” Hand-painted on FRP, Sculptures by Yi Hwan-Kwon, at Gana Art, Seoul, S. Korea

42. “Chalk Talk” Cast Bronze, Steel, Epoxy, Blackboard Slate, by David Middlebrook at The McLoughlin Gallery, San Francisco

43. “ Present of the Century” FRP Steel Structure, Various Sizes, by Choi Jeong Hwa, at Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul, S. Korea

44. & 45.  ( Sculpture at Entrance )

46. “The Blinds” Kinetic Installation


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