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Likuid Art, a new digital platform that fuses traditional art and animation, today announces the launch of its subscription services and upcoming digital art showcase.

Likuid Art is introducing a fresh way to interpret, collect, and experience art by making the collaborative works of world-renowned artists accessible to the masses. The synergistic collaboration of still artists and animators is generating new digital artwork, ideal for art lovers who crave change, variety and value the personalized options that digital technology delivers.

“We can proudly say that Likuid Art is revolutionizing the way art is consumed,” said Founder/CEO, David Booth Gardner. “Exceptional art used to be accessible only to wealthy collectors, galleries and museums. We’re now disrupting the art world by enabling users all over the globe to enjoy their own personal collection of curated art right at their fingertips, which they can modify every month. Likuid Art also caters to the growing generation of consumers who prefer to stream, rather than ‘own’ their entertainment, highlighted by the success of both Netflix for film and television and Spotify for music.”

Likuid Art teamed up with the Pepsi Creator team at Live Nation’s 2015 Voodoo Music + Arts Experience (http://livemu.sc/1QvO994) a three-day music and arts festival which kicked off on October 31st in New Orleans.

Spanned across the interior & exterior of a 40-foot geodesic dome, digital, animated art provided by Likuid Art was projected for tens of thousands of people. Without special glasses, goggles or the like, people entered a Universe of digital art, with the most advanced animated technologies, and enjoyed an 18 minute presentation of digital art, scored in 5.1 surround sound, as a group. This immersive virtual reality experience was a must- see at the festival.

The dome experience included artwork from Kelly Graval “RISK”, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Chris Saunders, Android Jones, devNgosha, Jon Moody and Karen Bystedt, with original music and sound design by Christopher Eagleton and his team at Dynamite Laser Beam.

“Likuid Art’s collaboration process is unique to the digital art world,” says Likuid Art Creative Director Chris Saunders. “Each Likuid Art piece, with the exception of the occasional original digital art piece, involves the respective visions of both the traditional painter or photographer and the digital animator. They work together to transform the piece from static to kinetic. Likuid Art is bringing great art to life and offering regenerated content for a new interpretive experience.”

A Few of the Artist Featured on the LikuidArt Platform Include: 

Allison Torneros “HUEMAN” – http://likuidart.com/artist/allison-torneros-%22hueman%22 

Annie Preece – http://likuidart.com/artist/annie-preece 

Chris Saunders – http://likuidart.com/artist/chris-saunders 

Where can you subscribe to LikuidArt and how does the subscription work? A new subscriber creates an account on the Likuid Art website and chooses a subscription level. Then, that subscriber is free to browse Likuid Art’s gallery and select specific works of art to populate his or her monthly collection as well as create multiple playlists (similar to iTunes and Spotify) for different settings and moods.

Subscription Packages: There are three packages for subscribers to choose from: Bronze ($6.99 per month), Silver ($12.99 per month) or Gold ($16.99 per month). The higher the subscription level, the more artwork can be accessed. At the end of each subscription month, Likuid Art subscribers receive an email informing them that they may either retain all the pieces in their collections or explore new works of art. In the event that they desire access to more artwork than their current subscription level allows, they may upgrade at any time during the month.

About LikuidArt: Likuid Art is a new digital art platform that fuses traditional art and animation. We’re revolutionizing the way people see and experience art by transforming static photographs and paintings into digital masterpieces that can be streamed to televisions, digital art screens, computers, tablets and other mobile devices. For a low monthly subscription, anyone can select and stream a personal revolving collection of first class digital art from some of the world’s best artists and animators. We believe in beauty, quality and variety for the masses. Check us out at LikuidArt.com (http://www.likuidart.com/).

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Fabrik as media platform connects and profiles influential and visionary innovators, features contemporary artists, distinctive galleries, trendsetting designers, discerning architects, and showcases emerging artists.
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