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Lori Pond: Self at the Artist’s Corner

August 7, 2012 by Phil Tarley in Artists, Upcoming Events with 0 Comments

“Her work has a somber monumentality about it…Very strong sense of architectural composition…a real sense of scale…The proportions, the colors…Has a truly monumental feel to me.” — Howard Fox, LACMA Emeritus Curator of Contemporary Art

Artist’s Corner, Hollywood’s newest fine art photography gallery, is pleased to debut artist Lori Pond’s
solo show, Self, with an opening reception for the artist on Friday, August 10th from 7to 9 pm. Self, a
decidedly different take on nude self-portraiture, is an intimate, fleshy and fecund exploration of one
woman’s very personal journey to heal herself through her art work.

Walking in Water - © Lori Pond

At fifty-two, Pond severed the ties of a twenty-year marriage. Her divorce propelled her into an every-
woman’s odyssey of Self discovery, parsing the passage of humankind’s most primal relationship.
Her show of Self portraits – some literal, some allegorical – chronicles her sense of loss, mourning and
reawakening. Pond seeks to harness her unconscious and ride it like a wild horse; sniffing out the
unfamiliar; then galloping across a precarious emotional landscape -ultimately hurling herself into some
highly original pictorial images along the way.

Torso - © Lori Pond

Through the twenty works in Self, Pond takes apart and then reintegrates the shattered aspects of her Self.
She emerges as we do, strongly moved by an artist working out a new identity right before our eyes. This
is a totemic, often poetic show of highly evocative photographs. Lori Pond makes different aspects of her
body serve as markers of a kind of Jungian iconography– a personal symbology that resonates in all of us
who have suffered loss and who question our bodies as we seek out a new identity.

Hear of the Matter - © Lori Pond

The artist does this in striking, compelling and visually sensitive ways. Pond morphs her torso as she turns
flesh into stone. She ritualizes her body into a kind of Druidic forest, letting the limbs of its trees punctuate
her owns limbs with filigrees of branches that cut and curl as visual metaphors for her own mind-body
conflict. She dons a Burka and goes whimsical; measuring out six plateaus of feeling.

Circle of Life - © Lori Pond

“My photographs attempt to codify my dreams, to integrate and blur the lines between waking and
dreaming…I am not concerned with depicting reality as we see it, but instead altering reality to open
a window into the viewer’s imagination. My creative process involves using both the camera and post-
processing tools to paint in light, color, texture and movement.”

Circles - © Lori Pond

Pond, who currently works as a graphic artist on Conan O’Brian’s late night talk show has labored over
video images for some of the most compelling television shows of the last twenty-five years. Newly minted
as a serious photographic artist, her opening at Artist’s Corner marks Lori Pond’s Self as her first-ever solo
show – an heraldic debut.

Artist-writer Phil Tarley curates at Artist’s Corner, Hollywood’s newest fine art photography gallery.

Artist’s Corner
6585 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90038

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