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In honor of Bestor Architecture’s 20th anniversary, Fabrik chats with the firm’s Principal architect Barbara Bestor about design inspirations, channeling John Lautner, and tongue-in-cheek concepts for Gen-X senior housing. Shana Nys Dambrot’s profile on Oliver M. Furth and LA><ART><DESIGN welcomes the timely nexus of art and integral design. We query Venice-based multimedia artist Doug Aitken about how his kinetic light sculpture, decked out in LED lights that respond to motion and sound, also became the subject of his exhilarating documentary film Station to Station. While probing the particulars of what makes a painting, Dianna Molzan’s engagement with the history of art finds her exploring the related milieus of fashion, design, and pop culture. Sumptuous shades of color appear when Eric Stampfli freezes his favorite flowers in blocks of ice and photographs their melting beauty. Seen: Japan in LA presents an edited conversation between writer/artist Jacki Apple and artist/curator Kio Griffith concerning four recent exhibitions that explored cultural history, memory, materiality, impermanence, and performance in contemporary Japanese art. ARTRA Curatorial compiles another Eight LA Artists You Should Know. In his Museum Views, Associate Editor Peter Frank considers My Generation: Young Chinese Artists at the Orange County Museum of Art, an exciting, unpredictable, but reassuring survey of China’s post-modernist, post-Maoist artists; and a geographically distinct demonstration of how America’s love-hate relationship with modern art came to a head in the 1940s and ’50s, In the Abstract: Midcentury San Diego Painting and Sculpture, on display at the Oceanside Museum of Art. In a newly expanded gallery Reviews section, Frank takes in Multifarious Abstraction at Fabien Castinier Gallery; Eben Goff’s Inclusions at Diane Rosenstein Gallery; Shana Lutker’s Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul and Bart Exposito’s Strange Alphabet at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects; Hideo Sakata at Casa 0101 Theater; Xi Hou’sTransiency at Launch LA Gallery; and Lawrence Gipe’s Where We Were, and How We Got There and Robin Cole Smith’s Afterglow, both at Lora Schlesinger Gallery.

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Oliver M. Furth: At the Nexus of Art and Integral Design
By Shana Nys Dambrot

Dianna Molzan: Framing Paint
By Kristen Osborne-Bartucca

Architect Barbara Bestor
By Lanee Lee

Doug Aitken: Station to Station
By Roshan McArthur

Seen: Japan in L.A.
By Jacki Apple

Eric Stampfli’s Still
By Phil Tarley

Fresh Faces in Art
Emergent Presence: LA Artists You Should Know
By ARTRA Curatorial: Max Presneill, Kio Griffith & Colton Stenke

Art About Town
Peter Frank’s Museum Views and Gallery Exhibition Reviews

Fabrik as media platform connects and profiles influential and visionary innovators, features contemporary artists, distinctive galleries, trendsetting designers, discerning architects, and showcases emerging artists.
+ Emergent Presence
  • Creative Conversations: Three Events Throughout Los Angeles
  • Michael Hale Solo Show
  • Copro Gallery: ‘Suggestivism: Chronology’
  • John Mills
  • Marcos Lutyens
  • Molly Larkey