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Fabrik’s 25th issue celebrates the Mike Kelley Retrospective at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary.  Curated by Bennett Simpson, the wide-ranging survey holds about 250 works made by Kelley (1954-2012) over four decades.  Profiles this issue include David Bondi’s visual ruminations on the art of dying and artist Rachel Sussman’s ‘pilgrimage around the world in search of nature’s most enduring designs.’  An overview of Dwell on Design LA (June 20-22) shows you what’s new this year at America’s largest design event, ‘Designing Non-Conformity’ explores Commune Design’s sustainable revitalization of of downtown LA gem, the Ace Hotel and ARTRA Curatorial heralds 8 LA artists you really should know in ‘Emergent Presence.’ A Historic Reunion commemorates the friendship and collaboration between activists and artists Philip Stein (AKA ESTAÑO) and legendary muralist, David Alfaro Siqueiros.  In Peter Frank’s Going Out, Coming In at Christopher Grimes Gallery, Sharon Ellis superbly demonstrates how ‘the surface is only the first step to potential infinitudes’ and Salomón Huerta aestheticizes ‘his portraits-in-reverse through almost serial repetition.’  Peter Frank’s mainstay Museum Views delves into the paintings, prints and tapestries that comprise the Pasadena Museum of Contemporary Art’s retrospective of June Wayne, ‘a leader in artist-driven political causes, a galvanizing figure in artistic feminism, and founder of America’s first modern graphics atelier.

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Fabrik 25 Cover


Mike Kelley at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary
By Simone Kussatz

Artist Profile
Rachel Sussman: Deep Time Design
By Lanee Lee

Artist Profile
A Dialogue with Artist David Bondi on the Art of Dying
By Michele Antenorcruz

Designing Non-Conformity: Commune Design and the Revitalization of an Old Broadway Gem
By David Vega

Dwell on Design 2014
By Lanee Lee

A Historic Reunion: Estaño and Siqueiros
By Dale Youngman

Fresh Faces in Art
Emergent Presence: LA Artists You Should Know
By ARTRA Curatorial: Max Presneill, Kio Griffith & Colton Stenke

Art About Town
Peter Frank’s Museum Views

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+ Emergent Presence
  • Copro Gallery: ‘Suggestivism: Chronology’
  • John Mills
  • Marcos Lutyens
  • Molly Larkey
  • Annie Lapin
  • Whitney Hubbs