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Profiles in the 26th issue of Fabrik appear to disrupt  as well as differentiate extant strains within the nimbly shifting politics of identity. Kristen Osbourne-Bartucca’s Q&A with Rashid Johnson on the occasion of his Islands at David Kordansky Gallery gently probes at the complexities that emerge from the contemporary nature of becoming “post-black.”  Engaging the politics of race and identity further, Phil Tarley reveals Zeal Harris’ Personal Experience of Narrative. In his Against All Odds, Tarley intimately chronicles Robert Berman’s role as a visionary LA curator and veteran gallerist. Dancing On History’s Grave, Jacki Apple’s seductively thorough review of this year’s Dance.Camera.West enthralls and captivates as she elucidates the avant-garde in dance these days.  ARTRA Curatorial issues another Emergent Presence, extending a generous lens to 8 LA Artists You (Really) Should Know About. On occasion, Fabrik publishes reviews of films and Roshan McArthur’s A Curious Deception succinctly unravels the compelling plot of the newly released documentary Art and Craft, “…a curious crime caper, a game of cat-and-mouse through the glamorous world of American art museums. The story of Mark Landis, a prolific forger whose intricately woven fraud went undetected for three decades, and his nemesis Mark Leininger, a former registrar at Cincinnati Art Museum who finally joined the dots on over 100 ‘philanthropic donations’ to 46 museums in 20 states.” In his regular column Museum Views, Fabrik’s stalwart Associate Editor Peter Frank shares his reliably illuminating perspectives of LACMA’s stellar Marsden Hartley show. Frank also gallantly grounds An Opening of the Field: Jess, Robert Duncan and Their Circle,” a historic exhibition at the Pasadena Museum of California Art (through January 2015) as ” a tour de force of research and scholarship that stresses personality hardly less than output, goes to great lengths to map the relationship of each artist to Duncan and Jess – and to map the relationship of the two men to each other. Like Marsden Hartley, An Opening of the Field traces the fruits of gay love. Here, though, those fruits were produced over decades, fell far from the tree, and populated a whole orchard.” – P. Frank)

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Fabrik 26 Cover


Rashid Johnson at David Kordansky Gallery
By Kristen Osborne-Bartucca

Against All Odds: 35 Years at the Robert Berman Gallery
By Phil Tarley

Zeal Harris: Tells Us Something Good
By Phil Tarley

Dance Camera West: Dancing on History’s Grave
By Jacki Apple

Art and Craft: A Curious Deception
By Roshan Mcarthur

Fresh Faces in Art
Emergent Presence: LA Artists You Should Know
By ARTRA Curatorial: Max Presneill, Kio Griffith & Colton Stenke

Art About Town
Peter Frank’s Museum Views

Fabrik as media platform connects and profiles influential and visionary innovators, features contemporary artists, distinctive galleries, trendsetting designers, discerning architects, and showcases emerging artists.
+ Emergent Presence
  • Copro Gallery: ‘Suggestivism: Chronology’
  • John Mills
  • Marcos Lutyens
  • Molly Larkey
  • Annie Lapin
  • Whitney Hubbs