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Fabrik’s 30th issue marks the quarterly publication’s eighth year championing noteworthy projects at the intersection of art, design and architecture in Los Angeles. Our chat with Florian Ortkrass and Hannes Koch, the London-based creators of Rain Room, a new LACMA exhibit simulating a rainstorm, reveals the inspiration behind the one of the most selfie-photo-inducing art installations of the past year. Dutch photographer Frans Lanting’s seven year project, Life: A Journey Through Time at the Annenberg Space for Photography, sumptuously embraces a scientific viewpoint as it contemplates life on Earth from the Big Bang to its present diversity. Sean Yashar, founder of the design talent management and brand discover firm, The Culture Creative, shares his vision for AUX (pronounced auxiliary), the firm’s in-house production wing created to promote experimental design, art and craft to new audiences through the release of original limited editions. The Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA) celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2015 and we spoke with Executive Director Peter Mays about the broad array of disciplines and stunning range of artists supported by this dynamic art organization. It wouldn’t be January without our annual art fair round-up. Daring dealers, clever celebrities, parties galore complete with art stars and rare, world-changing artworks that burnish the soul and intellect can be sought at all the fairs we highlight this season. ARTRA Curatorial’s picks of eight artists you should know about includes David Spanbock, whose painting TPOT graces this issue’s cover. We continue expanding our Reviews section with coverage of recent exhibitions ranging from the Hammer Museum to galleries in Venice, West Hollywood, Highland Park, and Glendale. Performances reviewed by Jacki Apple this issue encompass Journeys to Heaven and Hell with John Fleck: Blacktop Highway at REDCAT and Sankai Juku’s Umusuna—Memories Before History, staged at Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA.

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Fabrik 30 Cover


Sean Yashar: A Design Industry Leader Makes His Own Fun
By Shana Nys Dambrot

Los Angeles Art Association
By Megan Abrahams

Rain Room at LACMA
By Lanee Lee

Frans Lanting’s Life: A Journey Through Time
By Simone Kussatz

Art in Season: The Los Angeles Art Fairs
By Phil Tarley

Fresh Faces in Art
Emergent Presence: LA Artists You Should Know
By ARTRA Curatorial: Max Presneill, Kio Griffith & Colton Stenke

Art About Town
Exhibition Reviews
Performance Reviews

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+ Emergent Presence
  • Alan Kupchick “This Way And That Way”
  • Stephanie Sherwood & Allison Honeycutt at deb3321
  • Create Fixate 14th Annual Fundraiser
  • Creative Conversations: Three Events Throughout Los Angeles
  • Michael Hale Solo Show