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Fabrik’s 23rd issue features Sol Hill’s The Intangible Qualities of Life, MOCA’s Distinguished Women In the Arts Award spotlighting Lita Albuqurque and Maker City LA Co-Founder Sharon Ann Lee on nurturing natural dynamic systems of creativity.

Mara Colecchia’s chimerical sculptures evoke delight and ARTRA Curatorial casts Emergent Presence. ‘Tis the season for Art Fairs again and Fabrik rounds them up. David Vega’s Crafting Community looks at the root of craft through the Echo Park Craft Fair and its co-founder, stylist and shoe designer Beatrice Valenzuela. Peter Frank’s ‘Museum Views’ See the Light at LACMA and look at Calder, the icon.

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Fabrik 23 Cover


Artist Profile
Sol Hill: The Intangible Qualities of Life
By Phil Tarley

Artist Profile
Mara Colecchia: The Whimsical Soul of Objects
By Phil Tarley

Fabrik Q&A With Sharon Ann Lee, Founder of CultureBrain and Co-Creator of Maker City LA

MOCA’s Distinguished Women in the Arts
By Simone Kussatz

Crafting Community: Art, Artisanship and the Seed of Human Industry
By David Vega

Art Fairs
Art Fairs to Attend in Southern California this Winter and Spring
By Lanee Lee

Fresh Faces in Art
Emergent Presence: LA Artists You Should Know
By ARTRA Curatorial: Max Presneill, Kio Griffith & Colton Stenke

Art About Town
Peter Frank’s Museum Views

In Memorium
Craig Stephens: 1964-2013

Gallery and Museum Guide

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+ Emergent Presence
  • Whitney Hubbs
  • Siri Kaur
  • Matthew Brandt
  • Matt Lipps
  • Marco Rios
  • Lenae Day