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New Exhibitions from Michel Tabori and Curtis Ripley at William Turner Gallery

March 1, 2014 by Megan Koester in Upcoming Events with 1 Comment

William Turner Gallery is honored to present Here And Now: Recent Paintings, an exhibition of new work by Los Angeles based artist Curtis Ripley. Here And Now: Recent Paintings will run concurrently with In Search of Lost Time, an exhibition of new paintings by Michel Tabori. An opening reception for both exhibitions, which run through April 5th, will take place from 6:30 to 8:30PM on Saturday, March 1st.

Curtis Ripley, A New Beginning, 2014

Curtis Ripley, A New Beginning, 2014

In this newest series of paintings, Curtis Ripley leaves behind reference to worldly objects, abandoning any semiotic tendencies in search of something more elemental. These works are improvisational–Ripley’s pictorial concern lies with creating an atmosphere, a spatial depth and a mood. His work alludes to those things which are the most difficult to describe–a season, a time of day, a quality of light or an emotion.

Curtis Ripley, Blues of Evening, 2013

Curtis Ripley, Blues of Evening, 2013

Taking cues from the anti-figurative aesthetic of American Abstract Expressionists, Ripley’s process is one
of spontaneity and gesture. Color is applied in broad strokes atop a black gesso surface. The paintings
show the marks of their creation–splatters and drips are allowed to live on the surface, serving as
reminders of the artist’s process. Ripley uses brushes and rags to wipe out and repaint the surface,
obscuring previous layers while gradually building up others to create even deeper space and movement.
As Ripley says of his work, “My hope is to create paintings that are timeless and poetic and full of life.”

Michel Tabori, Do What You Will, 2013

Michel Tabori, Do What You Will, 2013

In his latest series of paintings, Michel Tabori draws upon the writings of Marcel Proust for inspiration. After reading Proust’s novel Remembrance of Things Past, it occurred to Tabori that Proust, although usually perceived as a writer, was also a kind of painter. He was struck by the similarities between his paintings and Proust’s writing. It was Proust’s extraordinary use of color that resonated with Tabori the most. The author uses a color palette to create a fusion of emotions, often reflecting a state of bliss in the same way Tabori attempts to express in his paintings. Proust used words as a palette, and Tabori uses a palette as words.

Michel Tabori, Remembrance of Things Past, 2013

Michel Tabori, Remembrance of Things Past, 2013

Tabori’s paintings are about emotional experiences and blissful acts. He uses colors and textures as sensory triggers. His paintings tell a story, but Tabori shies away from the typical narrative, instead using colors and abstracted imagery to deconstruct and then rebuild the central theme. Like Proust, Tabori
draws on memories set off by a certain light or a certain color, and then follows the resulting stream of
consciousness, allowing it to shape his process.

William Turner Gallery
Bergamot Station E1, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404

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