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Nick Taggart and Catherine Coan at Lois Lambert Gallery

May 17, 2013 by Megan Koester in Upcoming Events with 0 Comments

The Lois Lambert Gallery presents exhibitions by two talented artists – Nick Taggart’s Works on Paper 1989 – 2013 and Catherine Coan’s Canary Suicides. An opening reception for both exhibits will take place in the gallery from 6 to 9pm on Saturday, May 18th – both shows will run from through July 7th.

Nick Taggart, Hieronymus Night's Dream

Nick Taggart, Hieronymus Night’s Dream

Works on Paper 1989 – 2013, an exhibition of Nick Taggart’s black and white graphite drawings, acrylic and watercolor paintings explores organic forms and their manifestations in everyday life. As presented in his series Insects and Garden, Taggart engages in the creation of analytical, labor intensive drawings of natural phenomena. Instigated by the changing events in his life. Taggart introduces spontaneity to his latest works including not only critical observations of garden life but also exploring mystic fairy creatures and adding faces to organic forms. Taggart’s character studies have turned into surreal landscapes leading the viewer to rediscover known elements within mysterious environments. For instance, Lookout Orchid, 2009 presents a surreal landscape with human figures viewing an orchid floating in space. Introducing the viewer to a metamorphic world, Taggart highlights hidden forms found in the orchid and translates them into human physiognomies supported by the large scale of the plant life.

Nick Taggart, Pod Owl Bats Mantis Locust

Nick Taggart, Pod Owl Bats Mantis Locust

Catherine Coan’s Canary Suicides utilizes elements from films, stereotypes and famous suicides as inspirations in her satirical suicide scenarios. Coan states, “The Canary Suicides are meditations on captivity, miniature embodiment, the pet as fetish, and the relationship between death and delight.”

Catherine Coan, Burn Out

Catherine Coan, Burn Out

Coan’s interest in the canary started as a child, when her mother and grandmother bred and kept many. As she studied medieval art, her interests expanded to the reliquary and the mystical objects contained within. Coan’s exploration led her to the creation of sculptural assemblages presented within a birdcage. As a symbol of domestic life and captivity, the yellow canary represents a test subject for human actions. The entrapment and isolation of the individual’s future exacerbate feelings of despair ending in suicidal actions. In viewing Coan’s work the canaries seem to embrace the moment in which death brings the delight of freedom, achieving true happiness and a peaceful existence. Each scene contains hidden money, asuicide note, and a pet owned by the resident canary, along with other unique elements completing the poetic setting.

Catherine Coan, Comme Ci Comme Ça

Catherine Coan, Comme Ci Comme Ça

Lois Lambert Gallery
Bergamot Station E3, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404

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