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Paris Photo, Los Angeles

Paris-Photo-LogoApril 26-28, one can experience the first Los Angeles edition of Paris Photo, Europe’s most celebrated art fair focusing on the photographic medium. Celebrating its 100th year anniversary, the historic Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood will host a selection of 80 international galleries that specialize in photography and represent artists working with photography as part of their practice.

In its 16 years on the scene, Paris Photo has become a significant event attended by serious collectors of contemporary and modern art, photography professionals, artists and the wider general audience of art aficionados. In launching a Los Angeles edition, Paris Photo contextualizes how Hollywood and film inform contemporary art and culture and explores how the city’s specifically dynamic context emerges within photography and the moving image. Curated around Paramount Studios’ unique and historic venues, the fair’s three sectors comprise of a Solo Show section within the studio’s New York Street Backlot, Moving Images and Platform Paris Photo Los Angeles.

Paris Photo at Paramount Studios

The Platform for Paris Photo Los Angeles being organized by independent curator Douglas Fogle comprises of special screenings of contemporary moving image works, video and photo-based installations, as well as a series of dialogues with artists and thinkers continually expanding boundaries between still and moving images in contemporary and modern art.

Visit http://losangeles.parisphoto.com/ for updates and more information as the programming continues to expand.

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